Overview of the Geekvape Blitzen RTA

Geekvape. How much in this word for those who have long perceived vaping as their hobby and understands the novelties of the market and manufacturers. Who can do what, who does cool, and who – so-so. Geekvape from the moment of its appearance on the market one by one release devices that fly like hot cakes, constantly justifying their motto “geek knows better”. Geekvape Blitzen RTA – a hot new product from the manufacturer, which looks very promising. Let’s understand what is here, in fact, all the “raisins”.

Design Geekvape Blitzen RTA:


Externally, Geekvape Blitzen RDA , in my opinion, was very successful. The tank is not faceless, it has its own “chip”, while all is laconic and stylish. Looks great drip tip in the style of “honeycomb”, made of resin. Also I like the font of the engraving with the name of the device, well, the stampings on the bottom of the case are not only a design element, but also an additional convenience when disassembling.



In addition to this, an additional bulb is shipped with the device (well, or the glass of the tank, as anyone likes), setting it not only givesyou a slightly different look, but also increases the tank capacity from 2 to 5ml.



True, this flask causes a lot of questions. First of all, how will she behave in the fall? However, this is a rhetorical question. Question number 2 – why it was not just an additional mine with which the tank would have been a little higher (it is already getting higher) and ordinary glass.

Of course, this decision was dictated not so much by the desire of Geekvape to do something stupid, as to the requirements for the volume of tanks in Europe. Well, okay, there is, but the tank remains low-profile even with increased volume, this can also be considered a plus.



Well and in end of a theme about design – color decisions. At the time of publication, there are five colors known. It is possible that in the future if the device appears to be popular, new ones will appear.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot!

View on the device:


On the proprietary Geekvape Aegis it looks “as it was”.



Yes, and on SnowWolf vFeng Camo, too, everything is fine.

Well, we talked about design, now we’ll evaluate the functional side of the device.




Refueling – first of all. In my opinion, it is from the convenience of refueling that at least 50% of the convenience of the tank as a whole depends. And here at Geekvape Blitzen RTA things are not bad. Or at least not worse than the competitors. Yes, sliding lids and cunning systems were not invented, but on the other hand it is also far from always good. The filling holes are large enough to accommodate a variety of pipettes, spouts of bottles, and so on. The only thing that does not climb there – the “eye” pipettes, who tried the liquid.


Airflow holes are located directly opposite the spirals. This scheme minimizes the distance that must be overcome by the air in order to get on the spiral.



Well, a lot of holes on each side make this airflow as powerful as possible. Of course, there is an adjustment – the rotation of the ring. The manufacturer claims that such a airflow design primarily gives the maximum amount of steam. However, given the fact that the mine here is also quite short – the tank should also have an excellent taste.



The design of the base without racks may seem to some not the most successful solution, but the manufacturer believes that in this way it will be possible to install more powerful coils and in some ways they are right. Although my opinion is: the base without racks is needed in order to “save” at its height and, thereby, make the tank more compact. But this, so to speak, is my value proposition.



In general, everything is quite comfortable. Well, considering that there is not a single airflow hole in the base – leaks here are clearly not frequent “guests.” Yes, and problems with the laying of cotton should be at a minimum. This, of course, is not a tank with a top airflow, but not forever leaking the bottom.

Connector (pin):


The connector in the Blitzen RTA is qualitative, like the rest of the Geekvape devices. Gold-plated central contact with the possibility of basic adjustment, steel quality thread, no questions.


In disassembled form, the tank looks like this:


Practically everything is being disassembled, which will be very convenient when cleaning. By the way, the drip tip here is the standard 810, and in the kit there is an adapter for 510 and, in fact, 510 drip tip.


Height: 36mm (without a driptip) / 42mm (with a driptip)
Diameter: 25mm
Volume: 2ml / 5ml (depending on the glass)
Case Material: Stainless steel
Connector: 510, gold-plated central contact
Airflow: Side, there is adjustment
Refilling: Upper
Base: Rackless, 1 or 2 coil (plug for single-coil included)



  • Compactness
  • Quality Geekvape
  • Side airflow
  • Interesting and convenient base
  • Top dressing
  • Additional glass for 5ml
  • Beautiful Drip Type
  • Taste due to short shaft


  • The coil base will not be convenient for everyone
  • Theoretical possibility of leaks
  • There are no additional “amenities” in terms of refueling

So, what can I say. The tank, most likely, will be tasty (at competent adjustment), beautiful, compact, qualitative enough and unique. The additional glass makes enough “shallow” RTA quite capacious. Engraves on the body facilitate unwinding. Everything looks great, but how will it be in practice – time will tell. There were no frank faults.


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